The WildLife: Pangolin Rescue with Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, Thai Van Nguyen and Gillian Fuller

Go behind the scenes of a pangolin rescue with Thai Van Nguyen, founder and executive director of Save Vietnam's Wildlife, and Gillian Foster, the organization's Communications Advisor. Save Vietnam's Wildlife is the first Vietnamese NGO dedicated to saving pangolins. Pangolins are arguably the world's most trafficked mammal, with an estimated 100,000 captured each year. People hunt them for their meat and their scales, which are used in traditional Asian medicine. Vietnam has two of the eight pangolin species, Sunda and Chinese pangolins, both critically endangered. In just eight months (July 2015-February 2016), Save Vietnam's Wildlife rehabilitated and released 75 pangolins rescued from the trade.


The WildLife: Mongabay.com, Rhett Butler

Rhett Butler, founder of the top environmental website Mongabay.com, reveals how he and the site have helped to raise interest in and appreciation of wild lands and wildlife. He tells “The WildLife” host Laurel Neme about what prompted him to develop this site and also some of the most interesting and bizarre stories he’s pursued. Rhett Butler is a writer and conservationist who founded Mongabay.com, a top environmental website focused on tropical rainforests; Tropical Conservation Science, an academic journal that aims to provide opportunities for scientists in developing countries to publish their research; and wildmadagascar.org, a site that highlights the spectacular cultural and biological richness of Madagascar.  Apart from his web sites, Rhett's writing has appeared in The Washington Monthly, Yale Environment 360, BBC News, the Jakarta Post, Conservation Letters, GeoWorld, and Trends in Evolution & Ecology. In the course of his work Rhett has traveled widely in Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. This episode of “The WildLife” aired on The Radiator, WOMM-LP, 105.9 FM in Burlington, Vermont on May 10, 2010. Article and transcript available on Mongabay.com.



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